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Simplify Your Social Media

We no longer GO online – we LIVE online. Over 77% of your prospects will visit your dealership social media pages before ever stepping foot in your store.

Ariens Connect simplifies your social media efforts and increases traffic to your social channels.


Fully Automated Program

Exponential Lift in Engagement

Organic Increase of Network and Exposure


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The program will provide your dealership with:

  • A simple to use platform to manage all your social media postings
  • Automated, scheduled Ariens and Gravely content, created by the Ariens Co. marketing team
  • Increases your social media presence, relevance, engagement, and visibility by doing regular posts without boosting
  • Ariens Connect simplifies your social media efforts and increases traffic to your social channels at no cost to you.

Posts that seamlessly blend in with your social media content on your dealership pages.



Facebook Advertising solutions also available from LotVantage. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly at ariens@thumbstopper.com

" We now post at a nice consistent pace with some great photos and short tags and have seen a lot of traffic from these posts. It has been a very cost effective program and has saved us a lot of time, not only with the actual postings, but with finding new and cool images as well"

Mark Moses, General Manager