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Malibu Social Flow

We no longer GO online – we LIVE online.

Over 79% of your prospects in America will visit your business' Facebook page before ever stepping foot in your store.

Malibu Social Flow simplifies your social media efforts by automatically posting content from the Malibu Boats and AXIS marketing teams directly to your Facebook page twice a week.

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The Malibu Social Flow program will provide your business with:

  • Automated Malibu Boats and AXIS content, created by the corporate marketing teams
  • Increased social media presence, relevance, engagement, and visibility by doing regular Facebook posts completely automated and without boosting

Posts will blend in with your social media content on your Facebook business page by posting natively; just like you created the post yourself.



" We now post at a nice consistent pace with some great photos and short tags and have seen a lot of traffic from these posts. It has been a very cost effective program and has saved us a lot of time."

Mark Moses, General Manager