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Keep your polaris social media running with THUMBSTOPPER!

social media is hard! We make it easy!

ThumbStopper and Polaris have partnered to help dealerships manage their social media presence. Dealerships with Polaris inventory can utilize ThumbStopper to strategically and automatically post relevant OEM content to their Facebook page, and run paid advertising campaigns.

thumbstopper Social Media will help Polaris Dealers by...

- Automatically posting Polaris social media content to your Dealership Facebook Page 
- Providing opportunity to create Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to generate leads
- Being customizable for your dealership marketing strategy

More Information

If you have additional questions please visit our FAQ Page.

Typical Pricing

Social Media is typically purchased for $200/month.


- $63/month Polaris subsidized cost
75/25 co-op split. If you are without funds, the full balance will be the responsibility of the dealer


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